The City of Hillsboro does not actively operate a landfill. With the authorization of the North Dakota Department of Health, certain inert waste items are allowed to be disposed of at the site formerly used by the City of Hillsboro as a landfill. Non-residents, of the City of Hillsboro, are not allowed to dispose any items at the City’s former landfill site. Hillsboro residents may dispose of those inert items allowed by the North Dakota Department of Health; after obtaining a current building permit, permission from the City of Hillsboro and paying the amount determined by the City of Hillsboro.  


Please contact City Hall at (701) 636- 4620 to use the landfill.


Landfill Directions:                                                                                                                                                     Rates:

Take County Hwy 11 heading west for 2.1 miles                                                                                                       Pickup or small trailer (up to 10ft long)          $25.00

Turn North (where pavement ends) on County Hwy 6 for 2.5 miles                                                                         Single Axle & all other trailers                        $50.00

Turn East (at the T) on County Rd 6 for 0.8 mile                                                                                                       Tandem Truck                                               $100.00

Turn North for 0.5 miles                                                                                                                                             Semi-trailer                                                    $150.00

Landfill is on the right                                                                                                                                                 Burnable (clean wood)                                  No Charge