The City of Hillsboro provides Municipal power, water, sewer, garbage and recycling service. To hook up or to change an address please contact City Hall at (701) 636-4620 or email info@hillsboro-nd.us 

*The current rates as of 12/20/2023 these rates are subject to change by an ordinance from the Hillsboro City Commission. *

Electrical Deposit upon Hookup

     -$150 Residential

     -$250 Commercial
$150 Fee for Re-connection (if out-side regular business hours or a contractor is needed additional fees will be applied.) 
Residential Electric:
     - $20.00 monthly service charge 
     - $.092​ per KWH 

     - $20.00 monthly service charge
     - $.095 per KWH 
Dual Fuel (Off-Peak) Rates:
     - $.075 per KWH

     - $.078 per KWH Non-resident


     - $20.00 monthly service charge

     - $.085 per KWH

     - $.088 per KWH Non- Resident

New Connection Charge Residential:

     - $3,500 – Can be paid over 36 months

New Connection Charge Commercial

     - 50% split of the total cost

Unmetered Street Light

     - $10.00 per light unmaintained

Load Control Device Delete 10/1/2024

    -  $50.00 per month


Minimum Charge

    - $9.50 single-family home

    - $9.50 per unit in multifamily homes

    - $9.50 per trailer home

    - $9.50 per business

Sewer usage charge

    - $0.50 per 100 ft3

Residential Minimum

   - $42.50 single-family (home, unit, trailer home)

Commercial Minimum

   - $42.50 per meter

Water Use Charge

   - $3.00 per 100 ft3

No meter fee

   - $80.00 Residential

Bulk Water

   - $10.00 Minimum

   - $1.00 per 100 Gallons

Hookup/Reconnect and Deposit

   - $100.00



   - $25.00 Pickup or 10ft or less trailer

   - $50.00 Single Axle Trailers

   - $100.00 Tandem Truck

   - $200.00 Semi-trailer


   - Garbage tote $20.50 each

   - Recycling tote $7.70 each

   - Second Recycling $3.00


   - Per yard $41.00

   - Tote $20.50

   - Recycling $7.75. 

$.50 per customer per month 


Rental Rates


   - Deposit $300.00

   - Rental Fee $300.00 per day

Main Street Community Center

   - Deposit $100.00

   - Rental Fee $50.00


Cemetery Rates

City Resident

   - $300 per lot

   - $100 for 2 cremation ashes


   - $600 per lot

   - $700 for 2 cremation ashes

Addition of a cremains on top of grave

   - $100.00

All utility bills are due and payable in full on or before the 10th of each month. The City of Hillsboro does not intend to extend credit to its utility customers and the City of Hillsboro does not anticipate late payment of its utility bills. As a result, a late payment of 1 ¾ percent per month will be imposed on all accounts not paid when due (not paid by the 10th of each month). 

If a utility bill is not paid in full by the 10th of the month, such bill is delinquent. Shut-off notices will be sent by the City Auditor by first class mail. Said shut-off notices shall advise the person in whose name the utility account is listed of his or her right to appear at the next regularly-scheduled Hillsboro City Commission meeting (the second regularly-scheduled Hillsboro City Commission meeting of the month of the shut-off notice) and discuss with said City Commission the delinquent account. All decisions regarding disconnecting the utility services shall be made at the second regularly-scheduled City Commission meeting, unless the City Commission, by majority vote, has agreed to the contrary. The decisions made by the City Commissioners regarding the discontinuance of utility services shall be recorded by the City Auditor as a part of the meeting minutes. A person receiving a shut-off notice need not appear at the City Commission meeting set in said shut-off notice as the time for that person to appear; however, after said meeting the City of Hillsboro may disconnect the utilities of a person with a delinquent utility account, regardless of whether such person appeared at the City Commission meeting listed in the shut-off notice. All people whose utilities are disconnected because the account was delinquent shall pay re-connection fees in accordance with the Hillsboro City Ordinances and shall pay the delinquent account plus penalty prior to having utility services reconnected. All owners of real estate that lease out their property to a tenant or tenants shall be personally liable for any unpaid utility account by a tenant or tenants upon vacation of such rented premises by the tenant. No exceptions to the regulation will be allowed.