Permits, Licenses & Forms


 Building Permit Forms/ Process

City of Hillsboro, North Dakota 

Building Permit Process

Your building permit will either be approved by Planning & Zoning at the next meeting or sent to Midwest Inspection Services.

Below is a step by step outline of obtaining a building permit along with the fees associated.

The City of Hillsboro and Midwest Inspection Services have separate fee schedules.  

Approved permits list will be updated Monthly.

Remember to always call 811 before you dig. 

Dog & Cat

 Pet Permit

What will you need?
- Proof of current Rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats over 6 months of age.
- Proof of spay or neuter if applicable.
- Dog / Cat License Application
- Payment
- $1/month on spayed or neutered pets (duration of valid license)
- $2/month on intact pets (duration of valid license)

**License is valid for the duration of the rabies vaccination**